Print on canvas

Printing on canvas

Efrat Ilan’s custom prints on canvas are a wonderful and innovative way to bring any new space to a high quality design with prints of your choice. We make our canvas prints from Efrat Ilan’s extensive painting and also it could be made from your personal photo-collection of the finest quality.
As mentioned earlier, Efrat Ilan specializes in printing on canvas in various sizes whether it is from her painting collection or from your personal one, ranging from miniaturized sizes to huge dimensions, custom made and of the highest quality, while maintaining the highest quality and of course with the finest quality of the materials.
Technical data
* All the prints from Efrat Ilan’s paintings come signed.
* All prints without exception arrive tense and ready to hang, unless the requirements of the customer are different.
* The standard frame thickness is about 3.5 cm, and can be changed according to customer requirements.
* All the products undergo a quality control process before being delivered to the customer together with a warranty certificate.
* international SHIPPING – If you international customer, the canvas came rolled by tube like the picutre.

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