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Terms of use of the website hereinafter: Terms and legal clarifications regarding the site including all the content offered therein. The site was created and operated by Efrat Ilan Ltd. (hereinafter “the site owners”).

The site is open to the general public and anyone who wants to watch it. The site does not contain any content or pictures, other information or anything that is created for the purpose of malice such as: harm, defamation, slander or any other libel or other negative publication.

The content of the site is the work of the “site owners” and is protected by copyright that is exclusive to the owners of the site only. No use may be made of the content of the site without prior written permission. Any use that will be made unlawfully with the contents of the site will be a prohibited offense and a violation of the exclusive copyrights of the site owners.

The pictures on the site are displayed in the various pages and galleries. As a general rule, all images on the site are Efrat Ilan Ltd. The purpose of the pictures on the site is to display the works for sale on the web. Do not use any content on without written permission.

The use of the site is free of charge – without any consideration by the surfer. The site owners are entitled to make any change they wish to the site without any prior notice and without any other pre discussed condition.