Efrat Ilan is an international personal atmosphere painter and artist who is a leader in Israel in her field. Her success over the years produces collections of new paintings every year, metal cutouts, fiberglass sculptures, and custom-made accessories. Efrat offers personally customized paintings for sale with an undoubtful quality of art.

Efrat is a resident of Kibbutz Hazorea in the north of Israel, where the studio she is working in is located. Efrat’s creations are rich collections that deal with the latest trends in design and complement them. Efrat is meticulous about getting in hand with modernism and originality, using media combined with a rich palette of tones and textures, which make her unique works achieve the sense of the desired amount of prestige and quality. Efrat has a skilled and professional team that takes care of service and the quality of products at the highest level and works towards the customers’ fullest satisfaction.

Efrat’s works are displayed in galleries, hotels, luxury apartments as an example, public projects, and restaurants, offices that display luxury paintings in their residence, businesses and private homes. According to Efrat, her paintings are her ambassadors and her loyal customers come back again and again to the rich fountain of creativity and immersed in it their home, their place of work, or any space they wish to design according to their taste. Our customers know that Efrat will create the perfect artwork for them.

Original paintings for sale – Efrat Ilan

When the client comes to one of Efrat’s galleries to choose the painting or the design he is dreaming of, he is given the opportunity to fulfill his dream in the highest and most precise artistic manner. To achieve the required atmosphere in space, light games and furniture assemblage are considered.                                                                   The conversation is deep, personal and warm, and simulation of the painting hanged on the desired space is part of the design process. Together with the client, a personal and space-matched artwork is created.

Efrat Ilan’s art items are sold together with a certificate of authenticity and an insurance document. Efrat Ilan and the gallery staff accompany the client in a manner that suits his needs, tastes and absolute satisfaction. You are more than welcome to contact the gallery’s offices directly to arrange a consultation call.