Architects and Designers

Professional designers know that atmosphere paintings complete the general style and dress up the room according to the desired look. Good atmosphere paintings connect with the objects in space, are capable of adapting to the design complex, completing it and sometimes even presenting a contrast that highlights various items, all this while paying attention to lighting and textiles according to the concept conceived by the designer or architect.

Efrat collaborates with hundreds of designers and architects to create custom atmosphere drawings for each costumer’s space according to the design vision of their architect or their designer. Exciting paintings, moving, are meticulous to the last detail, with a presence and wealth of textures, which give the last design touch to complete the desired look.

Among other things, Efrat Ilan is involved with the design community in a variety of:  private homes, offices, in example apartments, lobby buildings, exhibition halls, styling for movies and television programs and also hotels in Israel and abroad.

Latest news! Custom made home wear. The expanded brand of Efrat Ilan offers a new service in the gallery so that each custom design dream can be realized for the customer’s needs. Lighting fixtures, curtains, furniture and accessories, and of course, custom art, so that all home decorating needs can be concentrated in one place, for maximum comfort. The concept of service and reliability of Efrat Ilan and its uncompromising reputation are the broad back on which the new service is based.

As part of the expanded brand, Ilan provides home visits to customers and a team of interior designers who will be at the customer’s service to ensure a perfect combination of quality, aesthetics and functionality.